Permanent Factory Unlock for any iPhone

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Sick and tired of restrictions on your iPhone – because it’s locked?

If any of the following applies to you…

  1. Your iPhone Won’t Work In All States or Countries
  2. You Can’t Easily Switch Between Service Providers
  3. When You Travel, You Have To Pay Huge Roaming Fees
  4. There Are Some Apps You Can’t Install On Your iPhone

And We Can Help You Do It Easily!

We’re not talking about some half-baked crack that will let you jailbreak your phone.
Not only is that usually a complicated procedure – some of your phone’s features would probably be disabled after you do it.

What we do is an official factory unlock.

  •   It works on all iPhone models, including the 5, 5C, 5S, 4, 4S, 3G and 3GS.
  •   It doesn’t matter what iOS firmware version, baseband and bootloader your phone uses.
  •   There’s no difficult software to add and manipulate.
  •   Every feature of your iPhone will continue to function perfectly after the unlock.
  •  Your manufacturer’s warranty will NOT be voided.

This IMEI unlock is guaranteed to work – there is a no questions asked money back guarantee.




Manufacturers of smart phones are pretty smart themselves. They know that if they put certain limitations on your phone, they can

  • make sure you can’t do business with anyone else
  • make extra money if you want apps or services your phone isn’t allowed to download

Most companies do this, and Apple and its iPhone are notorious for it. The way they do it is fairly simple.

There are two major cellphone technologies, known as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Apple builds the iPhone to run on GSM networks such as AT&T. In theory, that’s a good thing because GSM phones can be “unlocked” to run on any network, while CDMA phones cannot. However, in North America and many other countries, GSM phones are almost always “locked” before they’re sold. Learn more about unlocking on Wikipedia

Here’s why that’s a problem. Inside each GSM phone, there’s something called a SIM card (which stands for subscriber identity module). The card holds all of your personal information, including your phone number and contacts. The way things should work is that you can take your personal SIM card out of your original phone, put it into a different phone – and that new device should function perfectly.

But that won’t happen if your original phone is locked. In that case, there’s software on the phone that links the SIM card directly to the phone by ID numbers. The SIM card can’t be used in any other phone, and the phone won’t function with any other SIM card.

Unlocking the phone basically “untethers” the SIM card from the phone – so you can decide how to use your phone and SIM card, instead of Apple making that decision for you.

And our permanent factory IMEI unlock will do the job quickly and easily.



There are a number of reasons why Apple and your service provider don’t want you to unlock your iPhone. That alone should convince you that it’s a good idea to unlock it – since if something is in their best interest, it’s probably not in yours.

Here are the most important benefits you can gain by using our permanent factory unlock.

Easily Switch between Service Providers

Cell phone providers do everything possible to make sure you don’t leave them for a competitor. The most obvious way they do that, of course, is to make you sign long-term contracts. Those contracts not only bind you to a company for a year or two, but impose onerous termination fees if you decide to switch providers.

The method they use that isn’t quite so obvious is to lock your phone before you buy it. You can still sign up with a new provider – but you’ll have to buy a new phone as well, since you can’t use the new company’s SIM card in your old phone. You’ve already invested in a long-term deal for the first phone, so you’re highly unlikely to purchase a second one. That means your original company will probably keep you as a customer. Some might use the word “hostage” instead of “customer,” though.

But when you “free” your iPhone with our factory unlock, you’ll also be freeing yourself from depending on just one provider. You can sign with a new provider and put their SIM card into your old phone. You can take your current SIM card and use it in a different phone. You can switch companies as often as you like (as long as you’re not stuck paying on a service contract) and never have to worry about buying a new phone again. All you’ll have to do is switch your phone number to the new account.

Use Your iPhone Anywhere

If you travel regularly, you probably already know the downside of a locked phone. Whenever you use your iPhone in an area that your regular provider doesn’t serve, you’re actually using a different network to connect. And that network charges a lot of money for the privilege. You end up paying those fees as “roaming charges,” and they can be enormous, especially if you’re connecting to the internet through your phone while travelling overseas. Stories of unexpected roaming charges totaling hundreds or even thousands of dollars are legendary.

There are ways around these roaming charges. You can search for wi-fi hot spots when you want to use your iPhone in Europe or Asia (the two countries where the problem is most common), but that’s certainly inconvenient, and you’ll still have to pay roaming charges when you make phone calls. You can rent a phone that will work at your destination or buy another phone once you get there, but that’s expensive and there’s no guarantee the phone will work everywhere you plan to travel.

Or you can use our permanent factory unlock, making it easy to bring your iPhone everywhere you go. Once your phone is unlocked, all you have to do is buy a SIM card specific to your destination, already pre-loaded with a certain amount of minutes. You can also buy SIM cards from European or Asian companies, which work throughout the entire continent if you’ll be travelling extensively.

The bottom line: unlocking your iPhone will save you a lot of money in roaming charges if you travel.

Install Any App You Want On Your iPhone

Apple is notorious for not allowing users to download apps to their iPhones, unless the apps come from their own App Store on iTunes. There are a few exceptions these days, but for the most part you’re still limited to Apple-approved applications. And most of the apps submitted for sale in the App Store are rejected.  Apple says that’s primarily to protect users from glitchy or malicious software. A skeptic might argue that it’s also to protect an important revenue stream; if iPhone users were able to download apps from any developer, that would mean a lot less money for Apple – which earns 30% from all App Store sales.

Whatever the reason for Apple’s policy, the fact remains that third-party and open source apps are difficult, if not impossible, to download to an iPhone. Unless, of course, that iPhone is unlocked.

Once your iPhone is no longer locked, you will be able to download whatever apps you like. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, which had previously been banned by Apple from your phone. It’s another example of how you will no longer be held hostage by manufacturers and providers once you use our permanent factory unlock.

Unlocked for all carriers


Not in the least. To ease any possible concerns, here are some of the important things to know about our factory unlock.

  •  Our IMEI Factory Unlock Works On ALL iPhones
  •   The Unlock Will Automatically Upgrade Your Phone To The Latest iOS
  •  All Of Your iPhone’s Features Will Continue To Work, Including Message, Notifications And Facetime
  •  The Unlock Is Done Through iTunes And Will Be Processed By Apple
  •  Your IMEI Will Be Whitelisted In The iTunes Database
  •  Any Previously-Completed Jailbreaks Will Not Be Affected
  •   You Can Upgrade And Sync Your iPhone Without Being Locked Out
  •   Unlocks Will Be Performed Within 24-48 Hours, Often Sooner
  •  The Apple Manufacturer’s Warranty Will NOT Be Voided
  •   If There Are Any Problems, You Are Completely Covered With A Money-Back Guarantee


Most people would say there shouldn’t even be any question about it. Your phone belongs to you, not the manufacturer or the service provider, who often claim that they lock phones in order to protect their companies’ technology.

In most countries, the legal answer is a straightforward “yes, it’s legal.” Specific laws vary from nation to nation, but unlocking phones has long been an accepted and protected practice in Europe and around the world.

The issue is a bit harder to understand in the United States, but the answer should be a definite “yes” in the near future. Nearly ten years ago, the U.S. Copyright Office issued a ruling that said unlocking a cell phone is legal, because it is not an infringement on copyrights that may be held by either a phone manufacturer or service provider. They even issued a backhanded slap at the companies, implying that locked phones are sold primarily to protect profits rather than copyrights or consumers.

“…the purpose of the software lock appears to be limited to restricting the owner’s use of the mobile handset to support a business model, rather than to protect access to a copyrighted work itself.”

Manufacturers continued to fight, but that Copyright Office decision seemed to resolve the issue until a bizarre technical ruling in 2012 by, of all people, the Librarian of Congress. That ruling stated that unlocking a phone isn’t allowable under the law which protects movies, music and other copyrighted works from being ripped off. It went into effect in 2013, which meant that unlocking a phone became technically illegal in the United States – although, of course, no one enforces that rule.

However, the decision obviously made no sense, and the U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a new law making cell phone unlocking legal again backed up by a petition that has been signed by more then 114.000 people until today. It’s expected that the law will soon gain final approval. In the meantime, there are no “cell phone police” prowling the streets looking for people who decide to take control of their iPhone.



There’s no reason you should be held hostage by Apple or your service provider any longer. The benefits of unlocking your iPhone are obvious.

  •   Use Your iPhone Anywhere And Everywhere – No Exorbitant Roaming Charges
  •   Change Service Providers Whenever You Like
  •   Use Your SIM Card In Any Phone You Choose
  •  Download Any App You Like – Whether It’s In The iTunes App Store Or Not

There’s also no reason you should risk “jailbreaking” your iPhone or downloading some piece of software which will supposedly do the trick. Our official IEMI factory unlock is all you’ll need for a fully-functional iPhone AND peace of mind.

  •   Works On All Models of iPhone and all versions of iOS firmware.
  •   Processed Directly Through iTunes
  •   Completed Within 48 Hours – Usually Sooner
  •   All iPhone Functions Will Continue To Work Perfectly
  •  Manufacturer’s Warranty Will Not Be Voided
  •   Money-Back Guarantee

And the process is simple to complete. You’ll be given complete, step-by-step instructions when you order, but all you have to do is:

  1. Fill out a simple online form which asks for details on your current network provider (e.g. AT&T) and the country to which your phone is locked (e.g. United States), plus the model number and IMEI number of your iPhone (you’ll be told exactly where to find those numbers).
  2. Purchase our official factory unlock through a secure payment system.
  3. Wait about 24 hours for a confirmation email telling you the work is done.
  4. Back up your phone (to save personal data) and replace your SIM card with the one you get from your new service provider.
  5. Connect to iTunes and follow the directions you’ll see onscreen, to setup your phone.
  6. Your phone is unlocked!  (Restore your personal data from the backup if desired.)

Once you’ve unlocked your iPhone, you won’t believe you were being held hostage by Apple and your service provider for so long. You’ll not only be saving money - you’ll be making the decisions about where you can use your phone, who provides your service, and what you can download.



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